Childcare Columbus (ISE)

We help them to explore the world


Professional, Dutch childcare with an international dimension
We offer professional childcare to children who want to grow up in an international environment. We offer day care, out of school care and foundation care.

The daycare consists of three groups (Stars, Moon and Sun) for children in the age of 0 till 4 years old. 

New, modern branch location at the pleasant International School Eindhoven (ISE) campus
We have a close partnership with ISE. We are situated on the same campus (near Eindhoven Airport and Strijp); offer foundation care together with teachers from ISE and day care parents get precedence being admitted to the Dutch primary school of ISE.

Optimal environment to play, learn and explore with other babies and toddlers
To make the children feel safe, we have a fixed daily routine and keep familiar faces grouped together as much as possible. We create a place where the children feel at home. It is only when a child feels at ease that he/she can thrive.

Your child will learn Dutch naturally
Sooner than most parents can comprehend their little ones begin to speak Dutch at our day care or out of school care.

For all children between 0 and 13, regardless of the primary school they will attend
We offer a warm welcome to all children. From Dutch or international parents. Planning to go to ISE or not.

We would love to meet you
The best way to get a good impression of our childcare is to come and take a look. We would love to show you around and tell more about our special day care and or out of school care